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Create Webseite – without the technical overwhelm!

Become visible: Learn to create your own website with WordPress

Yes – at least your own website

Your companies web presence is like a shop window. The first impression, as well as the content and structure, either invites the visitor to stay on the site or repels them from looking at your content.
If you don’t want to start your own business as a programmer, you’re probably less familiar with web design and hiring a professional to do it costs money. That you want to earn first with a meaningful website that attracts customers magnetically.

Within the four weeks you will learn in anonline course how to create a website with WordPress. Once you have become familiar with the system, operation is intuitive. You will also learn what makes a good website, how to create a suitable design, what is important to be found on Google & other search portals.

You will learn how to create an effective marketing tool with your website.


Webdesign without programming

What is standing in the way of your own website so far? Are you overwhelmed with how to start and how to actually create it? Do you lack the time or technical understanding to delve deeper into web design? Is there not enough money to hire a professional to do it? Should it be particularly fast so that the website increases your chances of success and you can earn money with it? It doesn’t matter what your web design concerns are, WordPress is a powerful system that doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

Who is the online course for?

The Internet has countless websites on a wide variety of topics, products and services. It is all the more important for your success that your own website is clear structured and includes meaningful content. Visitors should know right away what it is all about and be able to find their way around the site with ease. The requirement for this is, that you have a precise idea of the main content and who you want to reach with the site. You therefore need a clear business idea. Do you want to offer specific products or services? Do you want to present your offer and attract customers to your local store? Do you have a marketing tool in mind that you would like to use to gain email subscribers?

If you have only a vague idea so far, you will hardly succeed in creating a meaningful website that attracts customers and brings you success. The successful idea must first be precisely defined in order to convey its purpose in digital form. Before you create the page, you also need an idea of the structure: Which target group should be addressed, what is your positioning, what should the corporate identity ultimately express?

Learn how to create a wordpress website

Overwhelmed by technology and digital media, lack of money or time are just some aspects that are obstacles to creating your website. In this online course you will be well prepared for the tasks associated with website creation. Precise instructions, worksheets, checklists and know-how videos tell you everything you need to know. There are topic-specific group calls that give the opportunity for questions and further explanations. A Facebook group, practice-oriented co-working and personal support with implementation completes the online course.

Within four weeks, the course will make you fit – right up till your finished, self-created website with WordPress. Of course, you will then be able to maintain the site yourself, update products and services, and use it effectively to acquire and retain customers. For me it is important that you learn how to use wordpress effectively, so that the website increases your productivity and your business workflow.

Test your business idea
If needed: ​​clarify before you start

If you are still unsure about your business idea, a coaching session can give you more clarity. On this occasion you can openly tell me about your thoughts, ideas and wishes and also express any concerns, uncertainties or insecurities. Together we crystallize the initial spark of your idea. From this spark, you can ultimately define your positioning and target group. Step by step you create a foundation, on that you build your business on a solid ground and create your website based on that.

If, on the other hand, you have a precise ideas, you will receive a questionnaire when you register for the online course, which asks about the relevant points. This gives you the opportunity to express yourself and your ideas and I can be sure that you will successfully learn how to create your own effective website in the course.

What to expect in the 4 weeks website course:

Weekly Know How Sessions

  • Exact timetable for creating your website
  • A new module each week for the next step for building the site
  • Video tutorials with workbooks & checklists

Q & A Group Calls

  • Weekly
  • Each week a new topic
  • Ask any question and get an answer to it

Private Facebook Group

  • Use it to make a commitment for creating your site
  • For mutual exchange and support
  • To ask questions and get answers

Online Co-Working Session

  • Joint Online Co-Working Session
  • Each Person works on their own project
  • Comitmet to finishing the project
  • Length: weekly 3 hours