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I support self-employed people with a strategic concept,
Know-how and implementation strength for
an effective online presence and business growth.

Successful self-realization with an effective corporate image

Are you ready for self-realization, putting your ideas into practice, turning your calling into a profession? An effective, inspirational corporate identity manifests your visions: a carefully developed, attractively designed website reflects your ideas and illustrates your potential. Starting with the development of your online company appearance you are laying the seeds for your future success, your self-development and your independence.

Let’s do it together – your website will be as strong as you.

Let’s Start!

So much more than a Website

An exiting added value

Living your vision: Maybe at the beginning it’s just a vague ideas and concept that still wants to mature. Let’s find out what your inner potential is – and create an authentic website that shows who you are, makes your goals crystal clear and expresses them successfully.

It is an exciting process that contributes equally to self-knowledge and self-realization and paves the way for your successful, fulfilling business. We develop an expressive corporate identity, tailored to you, and germinate the seeds that are dormant in you. With the virtual business card, your ideas take shape and as a result, the online presence will work for you 24 hours a day. You reap the rewards by living your vision. With an attractive website that clearly sets you apart in the market, you will find new customers who have been looking for you.

Courage to be visible

The first step is: go for it! Have the courage to live your vision and draw from it the courage to be visible. In a first conversation we discuss your ideas and get to the point – clearly and convincingly. I will help you to define your positioning. Building on this, we hit the tone with your website that appeals to your future customers.
Insecurities and concerns lose weight when you speak them out and can be replaced by belief in your success. Together we will gradually work out the right path for you, which at the same time sets the framework for the resulting internet presence. Web design is my competence and my clearly defined goal is to crystallize your skills and own goals in order to convince your future customers of you.

See for youself

Do you have the desire to embark on a new path? As a digital business coach, I am at your disposal with an open ear and competence. We find out what you are made of: once your path has revealed itself to you, we develop an effective and authentic website for you that expresses your potential and also convinces your new customers.

Now it’s your turn:
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Productivity-Coaching to finish your digital business goals with ease. 

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A strategic Website for your business idea.
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Webdesign course

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The upgrade to your existing website, that adjust to your needs. 

I’m Martina,
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