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12 week productivity course

Productivity Course

The thought about self-employment began to sprout in you – but what’s next? What is the best way to start and what do you start with? You would like to get started right away, but how do you get customers? How do you address them and convince them of you? You may be unsure whether you can do it at all. Or are you more the type of person who does a lot of research, the perfectionist who acquires immense know-how but can’t find a way to put it into practice? What about your own website, is it found by the right people? How do you manage to make yourself more interesting than your competitors, to give a reliable and competent impression of yourself? How are new customers acquired and how do they become loyal customers who are happy to recommend you?

Coaching and Guidance

Step by Step

Starting your own business comes with a number of challenges. The first step to success is to clearly define your goals. Because they can only be reached if you have them clearly in mind. One part of your business success is the presentation of your company online.
But let’s stick to step 1 for now: In an initial meeting, I’ll take the time with you and we’ll work out the core of your business vision. This already results in further steps that bring you closer to your goal. On the way there I will support you with a 12-week coaching – a 1:1 program with a scientifically proven high chance of success for the start of self-employment.

Let’s get started!

From your idea to the goal 

According to studies, with the right approach the change to successfully start your own business is 95. This is based on a healthy mixture of personal responsibility and cooperation’s. Part of the program are accountability appointment. Already in our first meeting you make the commitment to stay accountable. It starts with you putting your ideas of your Vision in clear word. Any concerns, uncertainties or self-doubts may also be expressed. You articulate your ideas on your own account, and I support you along the way.

According to the results of the study, the probability of success is 10 percent simply because you have an idea or a goal. If you look for a way/support in the implementation, the chance of success increases to 25 percent. As soon as you specifically determine when you dedicate yourself to the implementation, the statistical probability of your success reaches 40 percent. In practice, this corresponds, for example, to the decision for digital business coaching, which accompanies step by step on your way, starting with a clarification and decision-making workshop. This is primarily used to analyze so-called pain points: What challenges do you face personally, what might stand in your way?

Common points in this regard are
– helplessness
– self-doubt
– overwhelm
– structurelessness
– impatience
– frustration

The first workshop is about the process of solving obstacles that stand in the way of your success. This phase is accompanied by weekly calls.

Overcoming implementation challenges

The recognition of the individual pain points is followed by the analysis of the reasons: Where does self-doubt come from? In what respect is there structure lessness? How did the frustration come about? What are you perhaps feeling overwhelmed with? What challenge are you facing and don’t know how to tackle them? This results in specific topics and problem areas for each participant, which are addressed in a goal-oriented manner at the beginning of the 12-week coaching.
This creates your individual plan of approach, and with this your statistical probability of success increases to a full 50 percent.

One Step closer to your goal

By making an appointment for an initial consultation, you are already getting a good deal closer to your goal. Your chances of success increase if you tell me about your idea and I can support you with empathy and professional competence. The 12-week digital business coaching effectively accompanies you in the practical implementation, from which you benefit in your personal development towards self-realization and equally with topics such as creating a website, the possibilities of using channels in social networks effectively, E-mail Newsletters – Become familiar with marketing and addressing your target group.

What you can expect in the 12 weeks Productivity Course 

1. Define your goal

2. Enjoy the support

3. Reach your most important goal

Kick Off Clarification

  • Get to know each other
  • Presentation of your business
  • Developing a strategy for the most important next goal
  • Duration: 2 hours

Accountability Call (1:1)

  • How have you gotten closer to your goal in the past week?
  • What is the next most important step to reach your goal?
  • Advice on questions
  • Feedback
  • Duration: 30 minutes per week

Online Co-Working Session

  • Joint online co-working
  • Everone works on their own project
  • We commit ourselves to working on our goal
  • Duration: 3 hours per week

Use this unique chance - to reach your goal!

I will guide you in the successful implementation.