Martina Ganser

My Expertise & Strength

Webdesign & Online Marketing

I am a webdesign allrounder. Have set up websites for small business for over 15 years. Setup including: SEO search engine optimization, strategic consulting, host & server setup (DNS, MySql Databases, secure certificate), training and updates.
I have experience in a lot of different online software systems (details see below) and it was always easy for me to understand and grasp new systems.

Workflow optimization

I have the innate need to understand the background of things. This drives me to research information, process and optimize it.

Example: RMA (Bezirkszeitung) capturing the workflows of the inside sales and the online department and developing a software, that optimized the workflow nationwide for the whole company in Austria.

Organizing Events

Effective planning & execution of a project or an event is second nature to me. I keep the overview in mind, bring clarity to every step of the execution and keep the attention to every detail.
During the 7 years in the US, I organized retreats in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Poland, Gemany and Spain from 20 to 100 people, for 3-10 days.
As the president of the Wiener Toastmaster Rhetorik Club I organized On- and Offline Events, Trainings and Workshops. I was responsible for a club of 60 people, leading a team of 8 people and mentoring members. On top of that I optimized the workflows of the whole club.

Continuous Training

I am very eager to learn new things and continue to educate myself.
My diverse knowledge makes me broad-minded, bringing new perspectives to projects and being highly adaptive to change.
On top of my masters degree in Interactive Media Management I took courses in how to create membership sites, how to create online courses, online marketing, social media marketing, personal development, emotional healing and consciousness, just to mention a few.

Effective Communication & Connection

The importance of human interactions and relationships become very obvious to me already early on in my life.
This led me to attend diverse trainings in effective communication, making meaningful connections and building deep relationships.
I bring this respectful communication style to all interactions at work with superiors, colleagues and customers.  


  • Master Studium Interactive Media Management (Krems)
  • Master These: Neuromarketing in
  • Webdesign & SEO (USA)
  • Train the trainer (Vienna)
  • Dipl. Psychological Counceling (i.e.) (Vienna)
  • Public Speaking & Leadership
    Cerfitication: DTM Distinguished Toastmaster (Highest Public Speaking Certification within Toastmasters International (Vienna & Europe)

Work Experience

  • Webdesign, Webmaster & SEO <15 years: Development of small Business Websites
  • Digital Project Manager >10 years:
    Website Development for Businnesses incl. Optimizing Online Advertizement and Newsletter
  • Recruiting & Telemarketing Coach 2 years

Technical Expertise

Since 2004 I have been learning and working with Online Systems such as:

  • CMS: Joomla, WordPress, Typo3, Drupal
  • Webdesign: Html5, CSS3, Webhosting
  • E-Commerce: Magento, WooCommerce
  • Teaching Plattform: Moodle
  • Newspaper Plattform: Gogol Publishing
  • CRM: SugarCRM
  • PM: Jira
  • Newsletter: Emarsys, ActiveCampain, Zapier

About me

I am enthusiastic about life, human connections, and behavior.
My empathic nature allows me to understand people on a deeper level, facilitate meaningful connections and communicate with clarity and respect.

Traveling the world has changed and broaden my perspective on people, different cultures and life.
I went to school in New Zealand, worked as a social worker in Brazil, tried to learn Russian in Russia, lead retreats all over South America and Europe and lived almost a decade in Wisconsin USA, where I worked as a web designer and personal development trainerMy enthusiasm for webdesign and online marketing got inspired by my mentors SEO Experts Sue Bell and Russel Whrite. Their Search Engine Optimization training has let me to a thorough understanding of the values of words, phrases, and content as it pertains to online ranking and visibility. And to a knowledge on how to optimize content and website.

I am crazy about books and knowledge. Through reading about a variety of subjects I have developed an associative thinking style. Using my diverse knowledge to connect ideas in an unconventional manner and finding patterns in information and systems.

I have a great passion for public speaking. On stage I develop a presence that inspires and engages the audience. I am able to asses the needs of the audience and react accordingly. Through my speech composition skills, I convey ideas in a clear and comprehensible manner.

I am eager to add value and align my work to the vision of  companies and people I work for through my variety of skills, talents and passions.

Taking Risks

Learning More

Inspiring Others


Concious Self Improvement
Connections & Communication
Structure & Organisation
Nature & Traveling


Eager to learn
Analytical thinking
Supporting others

Thinking & learning about

Improving relationships
Behavior change & motivation
Personal development
Public speaking


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