About Me


Growing up on an organic farm in the rolling hills of Austria, I yearned for getting to know more of the world, for real. I have fulfilled myself those dreams by traveled a lot. I went to Brazil, Russia, New Zealand and all over South America. I lived in the USA for ten years and today the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria is my home.

The many impressions and experiences of the countries and people of the world that I have visited have shaped me and formed my cosmopolitan character. You will find in me an unconventional, unprejudiced, optimistic sparing-partner who will listen and empowers you. My motto is: „Everything is ok!“. I am open to your wishes, ideas and visions, but also the insecurities and fears associated with them. Nothing has to make you uncomfortable. I take you serious, just the way you are, for real.

My career is my calling

My passion for life, being human and self-realization is complemented by my enthusiasm for online business: I have been working in this area since 2004 and have international experience, especially from my time in the USA with an enormous technical advantage compared to the current status quo. My work incorporates experience as a digital business coach, telemarketing trainer, speaker and web designer, coupled with a feeling for the emotional, human component, which is a strong motor of your desired independence.


  • Masters Interactive Media Management
    Major: Neuromarketing
  • Webdesign & SEO
  • Telemarketing & Customer aquisition
  • Training
  • Public Speaking & Stage presence
  • Systemischer Coach & Councelor & Supervision
  • Communication


How I can help you 

I will accompany you on your way to independence with open-mindedness, empathy and competence. You can be open to me and I am open to your wishes and visions. We explore your potential and my job is to digitally implement your ideas in an authentic and target-oriented way. I will accompany you step by step – and you will be surprised: Web design is so much more than the mere programming of an Internet presence. Your website represents you in a very special way..

It is the digital manifestation of your goal-oriented vision and the customer magnet that leads to success.

A clear message

Is it wishful thinking or feasible? Yes, I am cosmopolitan and just as open to your ideas. You want to live your vision and I will accompany you on the path of developing your business and an effective website. In order for this to succeed, I can also give you feedback to your ideas and dreams. Feedback that can save you time and cut through illusion that you hold that might not be true.
By efficiently working out these and your potential and bringing them to the point, your virtual appearance will be just as strong and clear. It reflects to your future customers who you are and more:

With head and heart I open up to you what you can achieve with it.

You want to get to know me? With pleasure, because I would also like to get to know you and your ideas:
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Productivity coaching, to reach your digital business goals with ease.

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The upgrade for your existing website that adapts to your needs.

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